WP Travel version 3.1.3 is released with the addition of the much-requested feature “Time“. The feature is actually added to the addon WP Travel Utilities.

Time feature allows you to select the time to the date you have added in the trip. Along with the date, now you will be able to add the fixed time for a trip. You can add multiple time from the backend.

Front end: The time will be available in the dropdowm form and user will be able to select from the dropdown.

In addition to this option, other minor bug fixing has also been done in this update.


Change Log:

Fixes :

  • Fixed special character issue with add to cart. Previously when we use a special character in the pricing name. then the trip is not able to add to the cart.
  • Fixed the min price is not able to set as 0.
  • Minor layout issue fixes.
  • Fixes: Some string translation fixes.
  • Fixes: Custom label value as static custom text changed to related custom label text.

Enhancement :

  • Compatibility for trip time added under date.

If you spot any issue or face any difficulty with the plugin, feel free to write back to us in our official support forum.