Today we are excited to announce the availability of WP Travel 4.0. We are all very excited to have been able to release the WP Travel version 4.0 with the major enhancements – Adopting React in core. Not only this, from this version, we will also be introducing a much requested and demanded feature “Recurring Dates” in WP Travel Pro.

What’s new in v4.0?

4.0 is the first major release of 2020 and we’re excited to include the React in core in this release. This enhancement will bring changes in both the frontend and backend.

  • Backend: We have adopted the React Framework in the Trip edit section of the backend. All the features are almost same as the version 3. however there are some changes in the layouts.
  • Frontend: From this version, frontend will see the changes in the Booking tab. We have now added the calendar in the booking tab where user will be able to choose the dates from the calendar. Further, we have made the changes in the cart and checkout page as well.

To know in detail about these changes, please refer to below given link:

Addition of most demanded feature – Recurring Dates:

We are super excited and thrilled to inform our users that from this version, we will be adding the new feature to Price and Dates section which is “Recurring Dates” in WP Travel Pro. Since the early release of the WP Travel plugin, we have been receiving a lot of requests for this feature and finally, we are here with the very feature.

For the detail information regarding this feature, please refer to: Recurring Dates

Excluding dates:

Not only recurring dates feature, WP Travel Pro v4.0 comes with the excluding date feature as well.

Using this feature you will be able to exclude the date that you don’t want to display your trips. Further, the date and time you add in the excluded date and time section will be excluded. And it will not be displayed as available date and time for the trip.

For detail information regarding this feature please refer to: Recurring Dates

Maps display from the Iframe:

If you do not have the API key to display the google map, then you do not need to worry now. You will now be able to display the location without the API Key, i.e. by simply adding the location in the search field.

To know about this feature, please refer Maps.

Also check our pre release post to get light on what is going to happen in WP Travel 4.0.

Some features removed from v4.0

With the version 4 of the WP Travel plugin we will removing few features which is listed below:

  • WP Travel > Settings > Trips > Trip Pricing Options Listing (We have moved to the calendar format of booking date).
  • Partial Payment for Extras.

Single Price deprecation

We have already mentioned about this is in our pre-release post as well and here we mention again that from the WP Travel v4.0, we will be deprecating the single pricing option. So if you have been using the single pricing feature then, please switch it to multiple pricing options now other wise your data of the single pricing will get lost.

Things to do before updating to the WP Travel v4.0

Before upgrading to version 4.0.0, we recommend all our users to keep backup of the database/site, files.

Not necessarily it will come into use but it is always best to stay on the safe side. If any issues come along the way after making the upgrade then, we will always have the backup of our previous version.

Minimum WordPress Version

The minimum WordPress version required to update to WP Travel version 4.0.0 is 5.4.1

From which version of WP travel supports version 4.0.0?

It might create confusion among users about the update to version 4.0.0. To clarify this matter we want you to know that, the migration to version 4.0.0 support from version 2.0.0 to the current one. But it is best if you make the migration from the most recent one.

How to upgrade to WP Travel Version V4?

After updating to the version 4 of WP Travel, your plugin setting will not immediately upgarde to the Version 4.

For this you need to go to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > General

However you can always roll back to previous version if you want to by disabling the option.

Updating Extensions

Since we have made many changes in the plugin, we will update our most of the extensions. To get the updates, you can go to Admin Panel > Updates or Admin Panel > Appearance > Plugins and update the required extensions.

If you have any queries submit it to our official support forum.

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