WP Travel, the best WordPress Plugin for tour operator and travel agency sites has released its all-new version that includes some brand new features and enhancements that amplify your ability to great things even faster and at ease. The updates include some great new features for the travel site operators as well for developers and programmers who are working on integrating the plugin with websites and making WordPress add-ons compatible with it.

For users:

1. Distinct menus: 

We heard your demand! Now this version of the plugin comes with separate menus for managing WP Travel and the Trips (see screenshot). Such an addition provides an easy and clean environment for tour operators to create trips and assign the trips with the settings of their choice. Unlike the earlier version of the plugin, which held together 14 settings, this version splits them into section – WP Travel and Tips. The WP Travel tab contains 7 options while this contains 6 settings. The WP Travel tab contains settings related to the trip and the Trip tab has trip management settings.

2. Widget & Shortcode for quick enquiries in trip list:

A lot of our plugin users have long rallied for adding the ability to place contact forms through the use of shortcodes and widgets. We heard you and this version delivers it. Organize your enquiry details more conveniently with the use of our WP Travel Enquiry Form widget and shortcode. This version of the plugin adds this widget into your widget area. Just enable it to get the enquiry form in the area of your preference (see screenshot). Trips added via enquiry through the widgets and shortcode are listed in the same table.

WP Travel Enquiry Form Widget

Deploy Enquiry form on any page using shortcodes

This is how the enquiry form is displayed on the sidebar of the page.


3. User dashboard page from settings:

Unlike the running version of WP Travel, where user are not given the choice to choose their own page and assign the page as a user dashboard page, new WP Travel version gives the flexibility to assign the user created a page as the user dashboard page.

How to set custom user dashboard page

The user dashboard gives your registered user the option to check their bookings, update their personal details among others. This provides them with a direct connection with the site.

4. Booking details for users in their (user) dashboard: 

The users can access the details of their bookings made from their dashboard.

Details of the bookings made by a user in their dashboard.

Details of booking that a user will see on their user dashboard.

5. Travel Booking Dashboard for Tour Operator:

The tour operator now has access a great travel and trip booking overview dashboard. The dashboard provides full details of the trips and tours booked by all the users. This one page gives all the info you need to have!

Trip Bookings Dashboard for Tour Operator

6. More Free & Premium compatible themes:

We continuously strive to get more theme developers on board and help tour operators get the ease of using the best tour operator plugin on some of the best free & premium WordPress travel themes.As such with the release of this version, we are glad to inform you that WP Travel tour operator plugin is not compatible with 5 premium WordPress Travel themes and 6 free travel themes. Check out these cool themes here:


Premium WP Travel Compatible Themes Free WP Travel Compatible Themes


Updates for developers:

  • Code cleanup :

Our developer team has worked hard on the code to make it cleaner and easy to understand. We expect it to help the developers to work and modify the code as per their requirement.

  • Enhanced form framework :

Additional forms that are introduced in the recently updated features make this plugin more exciting and easy to use. Form framework from the widget area and through the use of shortcode now makes it easier for developers to place enquiry forms anywhere they want on the page.

  • Adds country form fields:

The form fields are improvised in the new version with the country field, meaning that, when the country field is checked, the user will get a dropdown with the list of countries giving them the flexibility to choose their country from the list without having to type the country name manually

  • Added heading form field :

Along with the country form field, this update also allows you to choose the heading format in accordance to your need.

New addons (Premium feature):

  1. Authorized.net Checkout :

WP Travel Authorize.Net Checkout is a payment gateway that enables you to process payments in any way that works for your business through your website. It can be an excellent alternative for all the existing payment gateways to all the WP Travel users since this plugin offers multiple payment options including credit cards and direct bank transaction, which can be one strong reason for you to dive into this plugin.

  1. WP Travel Wishlists

WP Travel Wishlists is an exciting plugin which can act as a  middle ground between purchasing and forgetting a trip which you wish to plan someday. If you cannot make a purchase of a trip you want immediately, you can save a Wishlist and return to it later so that you don’t have to search for your favorite trip once again.

  1. WP Travel Here Map

WP Travel Here Map is a map display plugin which is a solid alternative to Google Maps. WP Travel Here Map offers a nice blend of mapping and exploration which can ease your traveling experience.

This plugin can replace the use of Google map with its excellent mapping and exploration features. This plugin can help you search the places along with suggestions that can help you track the places accurately.

Change Log (1.8.0): 

  • Enhancement: Admin menu split into WP Travel and Trips.
  • Enhancement: User dashboard page layout updated.
  • Enhancement: Added settings to select Dashboard page.
  • Enhancement: Validation in backend forms.
  • Enhancement: Label text updates.
  • Fixes: Datepicker issue with Portuguese language.
  • Fixes: Redirect to homepage on payment.
  • Fixes: Trip duration validation.
  • Fixes: User dashboard links not working.
  • Fixes: Made translation ready some missing translation.
  • Fixes: Checkout page and other minor layout issues.