Good news!! WP Travel Pro users will now have the option to send the PDF invoice to customers in real-time right after a purchase is completed.

WP Travel version 3.1.6 has just released this new feature that allows you to create invoices for your customers.

A PDF invoice is automatically added to the order confirmation emails sent out to your customers.

How to Send PDF Invoice to Customers in WP Travel? (Youtube Tutorial)

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Steps to Send the PDF invoice to customers in WP Travel

Step 1: Enable Invoice in Pro Modules

To enable this feature go through Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Modules Settings > Pro Modules > Invoice.

Step 2: Customize details in the Invoice tab and save settings

The invoice provides trip details regarding trip booking and payment made.

How WP Travel invoice work?

During booking, you select pax from the individual trip page with the date of arrival and departure and you fix the number of person and date.

Once you select the ‘Book Now’ button, it will take you to the cart page. After you proceed to the checkout page, you fill out the forms with detailed information.

Information regarding the customer, travelers, and further payment card details is required on the checkout page.

Once you select the ‘book and pay button it does send a PDF invoice to customers with the trip details and booking confirmations.

But to confirm and get proof of the payment made via payment gateways, the travelers must receive the invoice including a few details.

Details like the payment they made, VAT included, or the payment is made in the partial amount and remaining balance and other charges from the trip extras and so on.

Once a booking is made with a certain amount, detailed information regarding the payment is found in the new feature.

There are situations that might arise like partial payment, people in a group with discount packages, VAT must be included, and full payment.

The invoice needs to be as per the situation. The email contains the invoice including the details of the payment send the PDF invoice to customers, whether it is a partial or full payment.

The payment details need to be made clear to the receiver in the invoice. The partial payment feature gives the service to pay in installments.

The email along with the invoice also contains booking details, customer details, date of the trip, name, address, phone, etc.


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