WT Widgets for Elementor is a powerful WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates with both the Elementor page builder and the WP Travel plugin, making it an excellent solution for building visually appealing and functional travel websites.

The 1.2.0 release of WT Widgets for Elementor introduces several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, aimed at improving the functionality and user experience of the plugin.

Changelog: WT Widgets for Elementor v1.2.0 Key Updates

  • Replacement: Replaced the Trip By Types widget with the new Trip By Type (Grid) and Trip By Type (List) widgets.
  • Removal: Removed the Trip Title and Trip Featured Image widgets.
  • New Option: The Trip By Type (Grid) widget has added an option to set the trip excerpt length.
  • New Layout: Introduced a new Hero Slider layout.
  • Enhancement: The Single Trip Meta widget has been enhanced for better performance.
  • Improvement: The layout for the Trip Filter widget has been improved.
  • Compatibility: Added compatibility for widgets on the archive page with the Elementor Loop Grid widget, including Trip Excerpt, Trip Price, Trip Wishlist, Trip Code, and Trip Offer.

Changelog: WT Widgets for Elementor v1.2.0 Bug Fixes

  • Trip Tag Links: Fixed issues with trip tag links in the Trip By Type (Grid) widget.
  • Column Control: Fixed the column control option in the Trip By Type (Grid) basic layout.
  • Hero Slider: Addressed issues with the Hero Slider default layout’s autoplay, speed options, and arrow positioning.
  • Trip Gallery: Resolved layout issues with the Trip Gallery widget.
  • Trip Overview: Implemented minor style tab control fixes on the Trip Overview widget.
  • Trip Duration: Made minor control fixes on the Trip Duration meta-type option.


“So, the above-mentioned enhancements and fixes have been successfully implemented in WT Widgets for Elementor v1.2.0″.

As always, users are encouraged to refer to the official documentation for more detailed information on the plugin’s features and usage.

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