Most of the new users of WP Travel want to know why it is the best Best Tour & Travel Booking WordPress Plugin.

As with the growing popularity of the travel market, the importance of finding the best tour operator also increasing.

As a result, discussing the best travel booking plugin WordPress has gained peak importance.

Only in the U.S market size of the travel agency industry is 45.7 billion US dollars and the tour operator sector is 8.2 billion US dollars. Source Name-

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For doing a travel agency business, you will need a tour operator plugin that will offer all modules for running your business smoothly.

Here we will discuss why WP Travel is the best plugin among all tour booking WordPress plugins.

Required features for best WordPress travel plugin

Your travel agency will be incomplete without the best WordPress travel booking plugin.

Before jumping into the best WordPress booking plugin, you need to know what features your tour package booking plugin should provide.

Here are the features that you should make sure your tour operator booking plugin must have:

  • It should offer an effortless booking system.
  • Should provide easy translation facilities that help to increase the conversion rate.
  • Coupons, group discounts facilities.
  • Up to date according to the user needs.
  • The support system offers help 24/7.
  • Include facilities to make transactions throughout the World.
  • Multiple pricing and date-setting options.
  • Adding tour extras, partial payment options, travel guide
  • Offers an option where you can add unlimited tour packages.
  • will make your website device compatible.

Best Travel plugin for Agency Free

As per travel experts and agency business owners, WP Travel is considered the #1 best travel plugin for agency-free to create travel and trekking websites in minutes, without coding.

It’s a powerful, free travel engine (also available in a Pro version with additional features) for creating customized travel agency or tour operator websites on WordPress in minutes without coding.

Reasons why WP Travel is Best WordPress Travel plugin

Your travel site will not be a travel site if you don’t use a travel booking plugin.

Because it will facilitate you by providing all the features that you need for your tour booking website.

Not only that but also it will make your site’s tour booking system more user-friendly.

In WordPress, you can find lots of paid and nonpaid travel booking plugins.

But, these plugins always have some lackings that will prevent you from converting your site into the best WordPress booking website.

Luckily, there is one best WordPress travel booking plugins that is an all-in-one solution for all booking problems.

They don’t fail to impress users with the unique and new features that make booking even easier.

WP Travel is the suggested plugin by Google for any kind of travel booking website.

Now, you may want to find out what makes WP Travel the best WordPress tour package plugin in 2024.

Here are the reasons that make it unique and the best WordPress travel booking plugin:

1. Complete WordPress in-build booking system

best WordPress plugin for travel agencies

For increasing your conversion rate you need to build a booking system where your customers can easily choose and book their tour packages.

Luckily, WP Travel is that plugin where you can create an excellent in-build booking system.

get WP Travel pro

It will let you create a booking system that offers easy booking and maintenance facilities.

Google also suggests WP Travel for creating this type of booking system where your customers can easily book tour packages with an outstanding On-Page Booking feature.

Because of the successful in-build booking system, WP Travel is considered the best WordPress plugin for travel agencies.

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2. Translation for better performance

best WordPress plugin for travel agencies

How can your customers know the offers and packages you offer if they don’t understand the language of your site?

Translating a site in your user’s language is the most important feature that every travel booking plugin should have.

WP Travel helps you easy translation feature for your site. Besides, you can change your site’s language by using the WPML Translation plugin.

Moreover, WP Travel is compatible with Loco Translate as well.

3. Offers that help you to draw more users

best WordPress plugin for travel agencies

Offering coupons to your customers is a great way to make them purchase your service or product.

Because customers love to do great things at the cheapest prices with the best service.

As a result, when they will see they can bring tour packages at a price that is less than regular, they will be more interested in your service.

By using WP Travel, you can easily create a coupon and offer it to your customers.

You can also apply a percentage or fixed discount rate that your customers can get by applying a coupon code.

4. Allows to provide multiple prices to different groups of people

best WordPress plugin for travel agencies

Your regular customers will always expect special treats from you.

As a result, it will be necessary for you to provide services at a lower price than regular ones that you don’t want to give to your new customers.

In this case, providing different prices to different groups of people is necessary.

WP Travel includes this module for increasing the conversion rate of your site.

Furthermore, you can offer different prices and set different dates to avail service at that price.

5. Updates continuously to provide a better user experience

best WordPress plugin for travel agencies

WP Travel never stops upgrading its features and facilities.

As it wants to provide the best user experience that no plugin can provide.

More than six thousand people are using this plugin for their travel site because they are getting better service by using this plugin.

The development team of WP Travel works hard to convert this plugin into a user-friendly plugin.

Because of this, WP Travel is the best tour operator plugin that is highly recommended for travel blogs.

6. Partial or full payment module for users

best WordPress plugin for travel agencies

A partial payment system means providing partial payment for each booking.

It provides flexibility to your customers to book packages even with partial payment.

This module will help to gain the trust of your new customers.

Most of the time customers remain unsure whether buying from your site will be a good choice or not.

At that time, when they see this module they will happily try out your service.

By thinking of this opportunity, WP Travel Includes this module in their plugin. Hence, it plays a greater role in increasing the conversion rate of any travel booking site.

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7. Easy money transactions by providing various payment systems

Easy money transaction

Without having this facility, your business will remain only in your country.

The different payment system is a way to increase your business opportunity.

As you can sell your service to the customers who live in abroad.

That’s why WP Travel includes this facility for its users.

As a result of these various payment system, your business opportunities are not limited now.

This module will let you add :

and many more. As a result, making money from home will be easier with these advanced features.

8. Making reports from data easily

Easy report making

Your business data is very important for your business.

You need to keep a record of all bookings and related information with those bookings.

That is why you need to use a travel booking plugin that will let you easy data managing facility.

WP Travel provides more concern on data management. Even you can create a report from this data.

Your company’s data is more like a resource that you can’t share with others.

So, using a plugin that provides this module should be your first concern.

9. Helps to add service to your trip packages boosting Conversion

Trip extras

Most of the time adding trip extras to your trip packages can be a good decision.

As then, your customers don’t need to worry about the transportation facilities.

They will book your trip package even more when they see you provide transportation options with your packages.

Not only transportation, but you can also add any extra facilities with WP Travel that can grab the attention of your visitors.

And convince them to be your customers and take part in your conversion rate.

10. 24/7 open support system

Support system

When you will use a tour package WordPress booking plugin, it is essential to get support from them for your problem.

Whether you are a user of the pro or free version.

The support team should always treat both types of customers with more importance.

Because a customer who is a user of the free version can be a user of the pro version in the future.

As your excellent support can influence them to buy your service.

WP Travel offers a 24/7 support service for your problems.

Besides, you can drop your problem in their support forum. They help their users in less time.

Best Free Travel Plugin for WordPress

WP Travel is the best free travel plugin for WordPress. When you want to launch your travel, tour, and trekking agency website without coding, then you can integrate WP Travel to set up and launch your travel website within minutes.


No need to think about the quality of your website as it provides all the best modules that you will need for your business.

Not only a plugin, but WP Travel also provide free WordPress travel themes for any kind of travel website.

So, get started with your travel agency business with WP Travel.

Get WP Travel Pro and start creating your travel and tour booking website within minutes without any hassle of coding.

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