Before creating a WordPress website, first, you first need to choose the best hosting provider for your site.

Because your site’s security and performance will depend on this. But, there are lots of WordPress hosting providers out there, so you will get confused about which one to choose.

So, in this blog, we will discuss the 5 best WordPress hosting providers for your site.

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Your success will depend on your website’s security, performance, and reliability. Not focusing on this, can create huge trouble for you in the future.

That’s why you shouldn’t ignore it. Let’s find out about the 5 best hosting providers.

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What is a WordPress hosting Provider?

It’s a digital space provider for your website’s data, files, images, videos, etc.

The way you provide rent for your house, you also need to provide payment for the digital space that the hosting provider provides.

Choosing the best hosting provider for your website is a crucial part that can bring lots of opportunities for your business.

Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator, HOSTINGER, and IONOS are the best hosting providers that are used by the largest and most recognized WordPress sites. Let’s find out more about them in detail.

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Best Hosting Providers for your WordPress Website

1. Bluehost:

WordPress hosting providers
  • If you choose Bluehost as a WordPress hosting provider then, you don’t need to do anything. Bluehost will install the most latest version of WordPress for you. Besides, Bluehost will provide an automatic WordPress update facility so that your WordPress site always remains up to date.
  • Bluehost provides a free domain name for 1 year. Moreover, with Bluehost login credentials, setup is easy and secure.
  • It will verify your website on Google My Business. As a result, you can reach more customers in your area.
  • Now, creating a website is not a big deal as Bluehost is compatible with any theme, and plugin.
  • Your website can easily integrate with WooCommerce if you want to create an online store.
  • Furthermore, for any kind of help, you can call them or chat with them and get the solution to your problem.
  • Your website’s speed will not be hampered a little if you choose Bluehost.
  • It offers auto backup so that you can restore any data. Bluehost will also keep your site spam-protected. It also provides a staging area where you can test out different things.
  • Bluehost removes malware on a daily basis.


  • Basic- Normally $8.99/ month
  • Plus- Normally $11.99/ month
  • Choice Plus- Normally $16.99/ month

2. GoDaddy:

WordPress hosting providers
  • You will get industry-Standard cPanel so that, you can make your site secure, and ready to backup for your site.
  • Even you can install 150 free apps with one click.
  • Domain name setup with one click is really awesome that GoDaddy provides.
  • GoDaddy offers faster page loads that really matter to run your business successfully.
  • You can also purchase resources with one click with GoDaddy.
  • They will offer you full-time security for your site.
  • It is compatible with any themes and plugins.
  • In the first year of use, you will have a professional email facility that is 100% free.
  • With drag-and-drop page editor and pre-built sites, even beginners can easily make their own site.
  • GoDaddy efficiently detects and removes malware. As a result, you can keep your site safe.
  • You can also migrate your existing site with one click.
  • Can understand your buyer persona by connecting to Google Analytics.


  • Basic- SG$6.00/ month
  • Deluxe- SG$8.99/ month
  • Ultimate- SG$13.99/ month
  • E-commerce- SG$21.99/ month

3. HostGator:

WordPress hosting providers
  • They provide a free domain name for 1 Year and you can get an easy installation facility with one click.
  • HostGator will provide you free site transfer facility. You can also draw as much traffic as you want.
  • They will refund your money if you don’t feel satisfied after using their service.
  • You will get eCommerce tools so that you can create an online store.
  • Besides, you will get 24/7/365 support for any issue.
  • HostGator ensures to provide excellent site speed to its users.
  • You will also get daily backups, site security, and more.
  • Hostgator provides the easiest control panel.
  • 100-500k visitors can travel to your site according to your plan.


  • Starter- $5.95/ month
  • Standard- $7.95/ month
  • Business- $9.95/ month


WordPress hosting providers
  • You can get the fastest web server experience as HOSTINGER uses LiteSpeed.
  • They ensure to provide you with four times faster site speed.
  • Like other WordPress hosting providers, you can install WordPress with one click.
  • For data storage, they use SSD storage to make the loading speed way faster.
  • You will also get instant support from WordPress professionals for any problem.
  • Because of the easy migration tool, you can transfer your site from another hosting provider to HOSTINGER.
  • Your WordPress, plugins will automatically update with the release of the new version.
  • This hosting service provider will have a backup for your site’s data, files, etc.
  • You will get free domain registration for starter, business, and pro plans.
  • Also, you can use one email account for a single plan and 100 email accounts for other plans.
  • In single, you can have two subdomains per account, 100 subdomains per account for starter, and business.


  • Single- $1.99 (without discount $7.99)/ month
  • Starter- $2.99 (without discount $14.99)/ month
  • Business- $5.99 (without discount $15.99)/ month
  • Pro- $11.99 (without discount $29)/ month


  • With a one-click installation facility, you can install WordPress like other hosting providers.
  • WordPress Professional help is available for any kind of issue.
  • From this WordPress hosting service provider, you will get a WordPress setup assistant. So that, you can easily set up your site.
  • You can even choose their managed option for future updates. Choose their managed option and no worries for future updates.
  • With 5k+ themes and 55k+ plugins, you can create your own customized site.
  • If you are not happy with their service then, they will back your money. You need to decide within 30 days to choose it or not.
  • You can easily monitor all your user’s activity by connecting to google analytics.
  • This WordPress hosting provider will keep your site safe from malware.


  • Essential- $4/ month
  • Business- $8/ month
  • Unlimited- $16/ month


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