Recently, we’ve released our futuristic plugin WP Travel  free WordPress travel booking plugin to the world and we’re stoked to share the substantial features that it offers. One of such feature is the Booking Feature that, with a plethora of customizations and a paucity of assistance from us can complete the booking functionality for any kind of business.

The booking features of WP Travel facilitate the booking system for your website. As a result, you can easily manage the availability and receive bookings for your property or service from the backend whilst users book their itineraries from your website.

For all the plugins offering booking features in the world, there’s none quite like WP Travel and here are some of the reasons as to what makes it so special:

  1. Painless Booking System

Our Booking feature is very easy and simple. This is very important as the faster users fill up the form, the more bookings you will get. Similarly, it also provides a clean navigation. This ensures that no visitor to the site has to worry about where to find the services. This is vital for making first impressions count.

Through our Booking features, customers will be able to:

  1. Choose from a myriad of trips which display all the necessary information.

  2. Select their appropriate day(s) in the calendar and enter the group size.

  3. Submit a booking and also make an easy inquiry about the trip (if necessary).

From the backend, you will be able to the following:

  1. Add custom trips and include all the necessary details such as the location, duration, amenities offered related to the tour/travel package.

  2. Receive notifications about bookings within a sleek user panel.

  3. Check the required contact information and other necessary details such as Booking Status, Payment Mode, Payment Status, Booking date and much more.

  4. Flexibility

Functionality wise, the booking feature is very flexible. It is simple, easy to use, and well documented. Moreover, WP Travel can easily accommodate the needs of a wide range of businesses. The easy to use Booking Admin panel displays all the bookings and associated information easily. You can modify it to meet your needs by adding your working days and hours, multiple services and users, allow customers to choose staff, and more. Similarly, it also lets admins add bookings manually. Therefore, its features are sure to make online booking and reservations a much smoother process.

  1. Booking Management

It’s also very easy to track records with WP Travel. It will manage the online booking services for your website. The Database stores all the bookings and settings. Therefore, we can manage and track bookings without using any third-party accounts. Similarly, we can also use the Booking section under the Activities section in the dashboard menu to see all the bookings that are made from the front end booking section. Therefore, Admin will be able to edit/manage the content of each individual booking by going to individual booking.

  1. Easy to install and integrate into your website.

WP Travel is very easy to install and we can install it using a variety of ways. We can easily integrate the plugin to the website using settings under the Stat section. Moreover, we can also add shortcodes to any post or page and use four different widgets available to give a personal touch to the website. 

  1. 24/7 Support

On top of everything, WP Travel  features  support team provides a 24/7 assistance and support to accommodate to the needs of end users. They can also be contacted anytime. Besides, thorough documentation, documented uniquely for users and developers comes with the package. This is so that the users never have any problems while setting up or running their business. Powerful, feature-rich and backed by excellent support, WP Travel is always ready for you!


The booking features of WP Travel provide all the essential booking and reservation features you want and need. They are all put together in a well-designed package. Moreover, the plugin is responsive, mobile-friendly and optimized for speed. Yet, if the feature set isn’t impressive enough for you, there are several different add-ons that can be purchased to extend it further. Try WP Travel today!