Now, traveling has become one of the essential needs for everyone with the increase of Working load. Everyone wants to escape from this monotonous routine.

As a result, making a travel booking site can be a good choice for starting a business.

If you are looking forward to making a travel booking site what you should consider first for your Content management system?
WordPress can be a great choice as a CMS( Content Management System) for creating your travel booking site.

But what is even more exciting is when you can create a travel and tour booking website within minutes, without any hassle of coding and hiring highly paid developers.

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This article will help you to know what is WordPress and why you should create a travel booking site using WordPress.

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What you can understand from WordPress?

WordPress is the largest content management system that will help you to create your desired website without having any coding knowledge.

If you are new in this field then you also shouldn’t worry about anything if you are using WordPress for your site.

Besides, you can easily create a travel booking site using WordPress with its wonderful plugins and themes.

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At the time of writing, this article more than 39% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

WordPress not only helps you to do blogging but also helps you to make any kind of website for eCommerce, business, and much more.

You don’t need to know hard coding knowledge to create a travel booking site using WordPress. All you need is a hosting service provider.

There are lots of travel sites that developed with WordPress.

WordPress can give you the facilities that no other CMS can give.

Big companies like eBay, Bata, Forbes, CNN, Angry birds, and so on are using WordPress as their content management system for its Wonderful facilities.

Reasons to create a travel booking site using WordPress

Now, one question can pop up in your mind that there are other content management systems. Then why you should go for WordPress?

We provide the following reasons for creating a travel booking site using WordPress.

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1. It is 100% beginners friendly

If you are one who has no idea of coding and making a website then choosing WordPress will be the best decision.

It will help you to create a travel booking site. Because you don’t need to have difficult coding knowledge for creating your site.

Your site will be 100% beginners friendly as well as easy to maintain if you create a travel booking site using WordPress. You can easily install it and handle it.

2. It will save you money

If you choose WordPress, you don’t need to spend lots of money on hiring website developers.

WordPress will also provide you the facilities that you can make your own website all by yourself without any coding skills.

Maybe other cms can cause you less money initially but it can cause you more money than you can imagine after starting to use it.

But if you choose any other content management system you will be spending all your business budget only on making your travel booking site.

3. You can add functionality to your travel site through WordPress plugins

The most fascinating part of WordPress is that you can add huge functionality to your site without coding knowledge and you can add this functionality through travel WordPress plugins with prominent features like On-Page Booking ,Travel guide etc.

Plugins are something that can change your functionality in such a way that is undoubtedly mesmerizing.

More than 57K free plugins are available in WordPress.

travel booking site using WordPress

Moreover, these free WordPress plugins will help you to add desired functions to your travel booking site.

Like you can add custom user roles, automatic currency converter, different payment systems, and many more.

4. It will provide you with themes

WordPress Theme can change the appearance of your site to an extent that you can’t imagine.

You can simply change your site’s appearance by installing your desired theme and activating it. Further, there are lots of themes in WordPress.

WP Travel also provides different types of free WordPress Travel themes for its users. They also provide paid themes that offer more facilities.

travel booking site using WordPress

WordPress Provides more than 8k free themes. You can change your default WordPress theme by installing your desired one.

5. You can build any kind of Website

WordPress is appropriate for building any kind of site. You can create a site for blogging, online business, and so on.

Most of the popular brands are using this software. like Bata, eBay, Forbes, Angry Birds, CNN, Fortune, and so on. These brands use WordPress for providing excellent features that no other cms can provide.

The best part of it is you can make any website for free and without any coding knowledge.

without a doubt, it is the most widely used content management system right now.

WordPress using site

6. Makes your travel booking site mobile responsive.

It is proven that most visitors search for their required information using their phones.

Moreover, It is found that about 79% of travel booking is done by using a smartphone. So, it is highly important how your site looks on a mobile screen.

If your site doesn’t look good on a mobile screen then your chance to succeed in the business will also be decreased.

If you create a travel booking site using WordPress then your site will be 100% mobile responsive.

7. Helps you to secure your site

WordPress provides lots of security plugins that will help you to secure your site from hackers. You don’t need to spend money on a security specialist.

Wordfence, Defender, VaultPress, All in one WordPress security and firewall are some top security plugins.

These will help you to make your site secure. You can also install any plugins you want. They will make your website safe from any kind of security problem.

travel booking site using WordPress

8. You can have lots of pages and posts on your travel booking site

There are differences between the small business site and the international business site. Large businesses will require more content pages and posts than small ones.

After extending your business, you need to have lots of content on your site.

You can create a travel booking site using WordPress that can contain lots of pages and posts.

9. You can customize your travel booking site.

Customization is easier with WordPress now. You can customize your site’s functionality and appearance to your business needs.

Do you know what is the most excellent part of it?

You can do all these without having coding knowledge.

When we hear about website customization the first thought that appears to mind is it can be done by coding.

You can also add widgets for customizing your WordPress site. But if you create a travel booking site using WordPress then you can easily customize it.

10. Your site can get the highest rank in search engines

SEO ranking

It provides SEO plugins by that your site can rank top in search engines. You can easily maintain SEO with these plugins.

High rank will help you to draw more visitors to your site. You can get more chances to make your visitors into your leads. This will help your business to grow more than you can imagine.

That’s why if you create a travel booking site using WordPress then it will help you to rank high in search engines.

11. Managing your travel booking site will be easier

WordPress provides an easy management facility to its users. Don’t need to speed money on management staff for your site.

You can manage all your content by yourself. WordPress will allow you to access your data completely. That is ready amazing.

12. Open source content management system for your site

Anyone can share his/her content by using WordPress. It is also free to use so if you are on budget WordPress will be a good choice.

Because of its free using facility, anyone can make any website with it.

You can create a travel booking site using WordPress or any kind of site because of the free content management system.

13. WordPress provides a free translation facility

If you don’t want to confine your business to one country and try to target people all over the world then translating your website is an important fact.

Your customers will never learn another language for placing travel bookings on your site.

You need to deliver your content to the language of your visitors. Otherwise, your whole target will be hampered.

Free translation facilities can be availed if you create a travel booking site using WordPress.

14. WordPress provides the help and supports that you will need to run your site

WordPress ensures to give premium support to its users.

If you face any difficulty with the software, you can get support from WordPress. It more acts like a community rather than software.

You can be a part of WordPress by using their service. If you attempt to create a travel booking site using WordPress and face any problem during the making of it, you will receive full support from their service team.

What is the purpose of a travel booking website?

During planning for your holiday where do you search for your trip packages? Of course, a travel booking site.

A travel booking site also stands for providing the best tour packages in your price range. Besides, a travel site increases business opportunities. As you can deal with the customers of other countries.

More customers mean more sales.

It will also help customers to book trips online. Moreover, all successful travel agency has their own travel booking sites.

You can’t think about doing business without an online website in this modern era.


Did you make up your mind to create your travel booking site using WordPress?

If yes then you are going on the right way as WordPress will provide you with lots of unique and useful facilities that no other CMS can.

After choosing your cms platform, you must be wondering Which plugins and themes you should consider to make the best Website of yours.

How to create a travel site using WordPress Gutenberg Blocks?

We are here to help you with that too. Hit the following button then you are all set for making your travel site.

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