There are lots of popular CMSs out there but you will get confused when deciding which will be the best one for website development. So, here we present the 9 Best Popular CMS Software to Try in 2024 (Compared)

Choosing a proper CMS can make your website easy and flexible. That’s why it needs to be done carefully.

Here we are to remove the confusion that you are facing. After reading this blog, you will know which will be the best CMS for your enterprise.

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What is CMS software?

A content management system is software that helps you to manage content and easily make the website.

You don’t need to learn to code or hire a developer to make your website with it. Through CMS, website making has become easier and more flexible.

All you need is to choose a perfect CMS for your site and install it. It will solve all your problems. You are all set for your site.

Through CMS you can make any kind of website from a personal blog site to an international travel site.

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There are lots of CMS available for your site. But you need to choose the most perfect one for your site.

Here we are providing you information about the 9 best popular CMS for your site and their pros and cons:

popular cms

WordPress is the most highly used and popular CMS till now. 39% of sites on the web are made by WordPress. WordPress will provide you with both non-paid and paid facilities to use it. is the non-paid version of WordPress.

But don’t think that it can limit your facility. It can provide you with unbelievable facilities that any paid CMS can provide.

Also provides lots of plugins and themes that are free to use. WP Travel is a user-friendly plugin that can change the functionality of your site completely.
How to create a travel site using WordPress Gutenberg Blocks? 


  • This popular cms will provide you plugins by which you can add lots of functionalities.
  • Provides themes that can change the appearance of your site totally.
  • WordPress will provide you 100% customization and SEO optimization facilities.
  • You can have full control over your data.
  • It is beginners friendly.
  • You can have huge support from WordPress whenever you will face any problem.
  • WordPress will make your site mobile responsive.


  • You will be responsible for your site’s security and backup.
  • It can be confusing sometimes.
popular cms

Joomla is the second popular cms. Nearly 2 million sites use this cms as their cms platform.

More than 9% of business sites and 3% of sites on the web are using this.


  • Joomla is a flexible, extendible, customizable system.
  • You can translate your site into any language you want.
  • It will provide you better security and SEO optimization.
  • Worldwide and professional supports will be provided to you if you use this popular cms.


  • If you are a new user then Joomla will be complex for you. You will be needing someone who will make you understand.
  • It can’t provide you as many facilities as WordPress.
popular cms

Drupal is the third most used and popular cms till now. More than 1000000 websites are using it but still it not as famous as WordPress and Joomla.


  • Drupal will provide you excellent security.
  • It can give you well performance under pressure.
  • You can translate your site into 100 languages.
  • Drupal will make your content more accessible.
  • It performs well in terms of marketing that’s why it has become popular cms.


  • Drupal is not as beginner-friendly as WordPress.
  • Themes can be expensive most of the time.
popular cms

It is an eCommerce platform that is built by using WordPress. Actually, it’s not a content management system.

It will provide you with themes and plugins for the most popular cms that is WordPress. 7.4% of all websites use this.


  • It will provide you themes and plugins by which you can make a perfect website with an attractive outlook and lots of excellent functionality.
  • You can more easily sell your product using it anywhere.
  • WooCommerce will provide you PayPal and stripe payment facilities. You can add another payment method as well.


  • You can only use it with WordPress.
  • It will be hard for them who are beginners.
popular cms

Popular cms Wix has 160 million trusted users. You can make a professional website with it. Customization is easy but Wix has some cons as well.


  • Wix will provide you 500 designer templates.
  • With the drag and drop option, your page creation will be easier.
  • Wix apps can add features to your site.


  • You can’t run your WooCommerce store without using the paid plan.
  • After choosing a template for your site you can’t change it.
  • Wix will not give you full access to your data.


popular cms

It is an eCommerce-based popular CMS that can be a good choice if you want to run an eCommerce site but will not be as helpful as WooCommmerce.


  • You can easily edit your page with the drag and drop option.
  • Theme customization and mobile optimization are easy.
  • You can review your article before publishing it.
  • Can add different payments.
  • You can use Bigcommerce with the most popular CMS WordPress. So that you can avail best features from both of them.


  • After exceeding a certain level of sales you will be obliged to use the new plan with more expense.
  • You can’t control your site as WooCommerce.


CloudFunnels is an all-in-one Website and funnel-building platform that allows you to create landing pages, sales funnels, membership sites and more without coding.


  • Provides 150+ ready-made funnel and landing page templates
  • Easy drag-and-drop page builder for customising pages visually
  • Hosts funnel directly or allow using your own domain
  • Integrates with major payment gateways and CRMs
  • Allows A/B testing for optimisation
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Excellent 24/7 support


  • More limited than self-hosted CMS platforms
  • Requires monthly subscription fee


More than 1000000 user are happy with shopify. You don’t need to buy hosting and install software for it.


  • You don’t need to upgrade your plan after exceeding a certain sale.
  • This popular CMS supports both your credit and debit card and provides default PayPal.
  • Shopify provides support to its user through live chat, email, phone, Twitter.


  • Shopify offers limited functionality to its user.
  • Adding a third-party app will be costly.

It is the paid version of WordPress. This popular CMS will provide you installation facility with one click. you don’t need to buy a hosting service.

All you need is to purchase their plan and you are all set. People often get confused between and

If you also face the same problem then learn the difference between and


  • will offer you an easy installation facility. So, you can get an easy beginner installation facility.
  • As your business grows you can add lots of pages and posts to your site.
  • Provides a different theme by which you can change the look of your site.


  • It will not provide you with as many themes and plugins as
  • You can’t have full control over your data.
  • You will need coding for using
  • Not give you full customization and search engine optimization facility.
  • Here is no branding freedom.

10. Ghost:

If you want to use your site only for blogging then it will be the perfect platform for your site. You can deliver your content the way you like.


  • Ghost has a content editor that can work as a WordPress block editor.
  • Will provide you with excellent SEO support.
  • It will help you to attract and build loyal customers.


  • It is complicated for the user.
  • Unable to offer you the same power as WordPress.


Did you figure out which CMS will be the best CMS for your site?

If not then don’t feel too much pressure. All you need is to do more research on content management software.

Research provides the answer to all questions. Let us know in the comment section if you will need more information.

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