WP Travel new version 1.0.2 is now available for download. You can download it from WordPress.org or as an automatic update in your WordPress administration panel. If you spot any issues, please report them to us in detail on our support page so that our development team can fix it soon possible.


What’s new on 1.0.2?

  • New Feature: Hide related itinerary option added in settings.
  • New Feature: Option to send booking mail to admin.
  • New Feature: Booking notification email sent to customer.
  • New Feature: Keyword taxonomy.
  • New Feature: Search Widgets.
  • New Feature: Template override.
  • New Feature: Currency option for ‘TZS’.
  • New Feature: [WP_TRAVEL_ITINERARIES] shortcode added.
  • New Feature: Fixed Departure, Trip Duration options in Additional info tab.
  • New Feature: Itinerary listing design updated.
  • Fixes: Settings option not working in WooCommerce.
  • Fixes: Minor design issues.
  • Changes layout for the itineraries displayed through use of Shortcode. 

Change in layout with version 1.0.2

The layout styling of the itineraries has been changed in shortcodes and related post listing in the recent version of the plugin .The changes in the layout has been included in the latest update of the plugin .

The template file for the layout styling is placed  in the theme file  i.e. Travel Log > wp-travel > shortcode.

Now it is your choice whether you want to use new one or replace the layout template with old version .

You can follow steps listed here for having the layout of older version.

For the translation you can find the folder here which you need to add to your plugin folder .

Language Folder