Want to create a landing page in WordPress that will increase the opportunities of converting your specific visitors into customers or leads?

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This is the condition of the leading e-commerce site in the US. Normally, more than half of visitors will not stay on your site for more than 15 seconds.

Within this time, you need to create opportunities by providing excellent offers on your landing page.

So, you need to build an excellent yet simple and trustworthy landing page for your WordPress site.

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What is a landing page in WordPress? Is it same as the home page?

A landing page is the page of your website where your visitors get the free trial of your product by providing their information (Name, email, job title, etc).

It is the page that holds lots of possibilities to convert your visitors into your customers and leads.

Besides, you can create many business opportunities with the information you have collected from your landing page.

Your website’s landing page is not similar as your website’s home page. Basically, a homepage is the first page of your site that holds the link to other pages.

Your visitors will visit the other pages generally from your home page.

Home page and landing page use for a different purpose. There is a huge difference between them.

On your homepage, you will have a broad range of customers but on your landing page, you will have specific customers who want to know more about your product.

The landing page has the purpose of collecting information from your visitors. By that, in the future, you can do email marketing.

Besides, the home page is about providing more information about your product.

How can you create your WordPress website’s landing page for Free?

WordPress is super user-friendly for beginners and at the same time for experts. Generally, WordPress offers three ways to create a landing page for your WordPress for free.

Two ways are for beginners who have very little or no knowledge about coding. Another one is for experts who have enough knowledge about coding.

Here are the three ways by that you can create a WordPress landing page:

  • Creating a WordPress landing page with a free plugin.
  • Building your WordPress landing page with a free theme.
  • Make a WordPress landing page with the template.

The first two options are for beginners who don’t have any coding skills and the last option is for experts.

As we have beginner users more than experts, we will discuss the first two options in detail.

Creating a landing page with a Plugin

Before creating a WordPress landing page with a plugin, you will need to know about the best WordPress landing page plugin.

Here is a list of plugins that can help you to create a perfect landing page for your site:

Here first two WordPress landing page plugins are free and the last one is a paid plugin. Let’s find about them more in detail:


landing page in WordPress
  • It will let you create your landing page without spending much time on it by providing a drag and drop website builder, instant live edit, instant page load.
  • You can also monitor every edit that you have made on your site without making it live.
  • Besides, you can give your website a designer touch by Box Shadows, Hover Effects, Headline Effects, Gradient Backgrounds, and much more. Moreover, you can create a WordPress landing page with Elementor for free.
  • It also provides 100+ pre-designed templates, 40+ pre widgets.
  • Your landing page will be super responsive.

Beaver builder:

  • It’s a WordPress plugin by that you can build your full website with an easy drag and drop option.
  • Beaver builder is a lightweight, responsive plugin that provides many content modules like HTML, audio, video, text editor, sidebar.
  • In their premium feature, you will also get many additional modules and pre-made templates here. Like sliders, maps, blog posts, social icons, tabs, contact forms, and so on.
  • You can get a first and responsive support system from them.

Thrive landing pages:

landing page in WordPress
  • Now, with 290 pre-made designs, thrive can build a WordPress landing page within few minutes. Think, and a click on it will let you create your desired landing page.
  • It will help you to create a landing page that will make your conversion rate double.
  • You can also create a landing page that will help you enhance your email list.
  • Create a full-width layout screen so that, your landing page will be more eye-catching.
  • Make as many changes as you want without using a single line of coding.
  • You can also see how your site will look on different screens.
  • Can also change the position of elements and pull off layouts for making it device responsive.

Steps of Creating a Landing page with a Plugin

You can use any free or paid website builder plugin for creating a WordPress landing page for your site. But, keep one thing in mind, your plugin needs to be compatible with your theme.

Here, we are using Elementor for building a landing page in WordPress.

First, go to plugin>> add new. Then, search for Elementor page builder in the search box, install and activate the plugin.

landing page with elementor

After that, Go to page>> add new. Then, enter the landing page’s name, set the page attribute as the home page, and then publish it.

landing page with elementor

Here is the output of adding TRY FREE page.


For further editing your landing page check out the video:

Create a landing page with a theme

Using a theme for creating your landing page, you need to choose a perfect theme. In WordPress, there are lots of themes by that you can create a landing page.

Here are some themes by that you can create your landing page. You can even choose other than these following themes but, do check before selecting one:

Let’s find out more about these paid WordPress landing page theme:


  • You can easily build your landing page with the available layouts and elements. For setting up your landing page no need to use coding at all.
  • WebOn will make your landing page beautiful on any device.
  • You can seek help if you face any issues during using the theme.
  • They will provide you 11 pre-made templates for your landing page and with that, you can create any kind of landing page.


  • It is a plugin for landing pages. They have updated it regularly.
  • Appilo will keep your site updated and ready for the retina.
  • You can even build your full site with elementor plugin.
  • It will provide you an unlimited color option to make your landing page beautiful.
  • Moreover, it is compatible with all browsers.


  • It offers 30+ pre-made landing pages.
  • You can choose typography as your wish and also choose the color scheme.
  • It has different layouts for footer and sub footer section. As a result, you can easily design it.
  • Coding of Deva is well written so that you don’t need to worry about your speed.
  • Deva has more than 50+ happy customers.

Steps of creating a landing page with a Landing Page Theme

For adding landing page we will use Total theme.

Go to Appearance>> themes>> Add new. After that, Write Total in the search box and search it. Then, install and activate the theme.

adding landing page

Write the name of the page and choose the template of the page. Then, click on the publish button.

After that, go to setting>> reading. Then, choose the static page option and select the name of the home page.

Finally, save the changes you have done due to adding a landing page.

Landing page adding

Here is the final output of adding a landing page.


A perfect landing page can create lots of business opportunities for you.

Now, that you know how to add a landing page to your website, implement any option that is discussed above.

Besides, you can choose any paid or free plugin or theme. Do check the compatibility of your plugin with the theme you are using.

Create and design your landing page for bringing new business opportunities.

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