Welcome to our comprehensive guide on WP Travel’s latest product update in June 2023. We are thrilled to present to you the remarkable enhancements and features that make WP Travel the top tour operator plugin for developing travel websites.

As a trusted and leading provider of travel solutions, we continuously strive to enhance our offerings and provide you with cutting-edge tools to make your travel experiences seamless, convenient, and unforgettable.

In our June 2023 update, we have focused on refining and expanding our platform to cater to the ever-evolving needs of modern travelers like yourself. Our team of dedicated developers and travel enthusiasts have worked tirelessly to bring you an array of innovative features that will transform the way you plan, book, and embark on your next adventure.

What can you expect from this update? Let us give you a glimpse:

1.    Streamlined User Interface for Enhanced User Experience:

The latest update introduces a redesigned and intuitive user interface that brings simplicity and efficiency to managing your travel website. With a focus on user experience, WP Travel now offers a sleek and modern dashboard that allows you to navigate effortlessly through various settings, bookings, and analytics. The streamlined UI ensures that even newcomers can easily grasp the system’s functionalities, while providing seasoned users with a more seamless and enjoyable experience.

2.    Advanced Booking Management System

One of the standout features of WP Travel’s latest update is its advanced booking management system. This robust system enables you to handle bookings with unparalleled ease and precision. With an array of flexible options and customizable settings, you can effortlessly manage availability, set pricing, configure booking rules, and handle cancellations. The new update also introduces a comprehensive reporting module, allowing you to generate detailed reports on bookings, revenue, and other key metrics, empowering you with valuable insights to optimize your travel business.

3.    Rich Integration Capabilities

In today’s interconnected world, seamless integration with external systems and services is crucial for any travel website. WP Travel recognizes this need and has expanded its integration capabilities in the latest update. From payment gateways and CRM systems to email marketing platforms and third-party APIs, the new update provides extensive integration options, ensuring that you can easily connect with the tools and services you rely on to run your travel business efficiently.

4.    Simplified Content Management

Effortlessly managing and updating your website’s content is paramount for staying relevant in the dynamic travel industry. The new update introduces a simplified content management system (CMS) that empowers you to create and publish engaging content with ease. The intuitive editor allows you to craft visually appealing blog posts, destination guides, and travel itineraries, ensuring that your website remains fresh and informative. Moreover, the CMS offers seamless media management, enabling you to effortlessly upload and organize images and videos to enhance your content.

5.    Zapier Modules

zapier on travel business

Introducing the Zapier Module in WP Travel that enables users to create Zapier automation for WP Travel bookings and inquiries. With the Zapier Module, you can easily set up zaps and integrate them with WP Travel, helping you receive notifications or keep records in any of your chosen web apps for enquiries and bookings. This powerful feature ensures seamless automation and efficient management of your travel business processes. (Available in Pro)

6.    Trips List Block

The latest update introduces the Trips List Block, a versatile feature available in the free version of WP Travel. With this block, you can display trips based on selected taxonomies such as Trip Type, Destination, Activities, and keywords. The Trips List Block offers a range of configuration options, including the number of items to display, filtering by Trip Type, Trip Destinations, Trip Activities, Sale Trips, and Featured Trips. This allows you to showcase relevant trips to your audience, enhancing their browsing experience on your travel website.

  • Number of items: You can specify the number of trips you want to display in the list. This allows you to show multiple trips at once, providing a comprehensive overview of the available options.

  • Trip Type: By selecting specific Trip Types, you can filter the trips that are assigned to those particular types. This enables you to create specialized lists based on the nature or theme of the trips. For example, if you have trip types like “Adventure,” “Beach Getaway,” and “Cultural Tour,” you can choose to display trips that fall under any of these categories.

  • Trip Destinations: This option allows you to include specific Trip Destinations in the list. By selecting the desired destinations, you can showcase trips that are assigned to those particular locations. This feature is particularly useful if you want to highlight trips to specific countries, cities, or landmarks.

  • Trip Activities: With this option, you can add Trip Activities to filter the trips. Whether it’s hiking, snorkeling, wildlife spotting, or any other activity, you can choose to display trips that offer those specific experiences. This allows users to find trips that align with their preferred activities and interests.

  • Sale Trip: Enabling this option allows you to showcase trips with discounted or sale prices. This is particularly useful if you want to promote special offers or attract customers with discounted rates. By enabling this feature, the Trip List Block will display trips that have a reduced price, making them more visible to potential customers.

7.    Reports/Statistics

wp travel feature - reporting

WP Travel provides a comprehensive Reports/Statistics feature that enables you to oversee and compare sales from time to time. With this functionality, you can gain valuable insights into your travel business’s performance, track revenue, analyze booking trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations. This feature is available in the free version of WP Travel.

8.    WP Travel Translation

language translation feature - wp travel

WP Travel is designed to be translation-ready, allowing you to cater to a global audience. You can utilize popular translation plugins such as WPML and Loco Translate to easily translate your travel website into multiple languages. By offering localized content, you can engage with a wider audience and provide a personalized experience to users from different regions.

Additionally, if you wish to create a multilingual website using WP Travel, you can use the WPML (WordPress Multilingual) plugin.

WPML allows you to translate your website’s content into multiple languages, enabling you to cater to a broader audience and improve the user experience for visitors who speak different languages.

On the other hand, Loco Translate is a plugin that is more suitable for translating your website into a single language. It provides an interface within WordPress where you can translate various elements of your site, such as themes and plugins, into the desired language.

While it may not be specifically designed for multilingual websites like WPML, Loco Translate can still be a useful tool for translating your travel website into a single language.

Remember that both WPML and Loco Translate are plugins that can be integrated into your WordPress website alongside WP Travel to enhance its functionality and make it more accessible to a wider range of users.


In conclusion, WP Travel’s latest product update in May 2023 brings a host of enhancements and features that empower you to create and manage a successful travel website.

With its streamlined user interface, advanced booking management system, rich integration capabilities, and simplified content management, WP Travel equips you with the tools necessary to thrive in the competitive travel industry. Upgrade your travel website with WP Travel’s latest update and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

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