We are very pleased to announce that we are making a next big release with major enhancement in WP Travel i.e., adopt react framework in the trip edit section. This is an awareness post, the purpose of which is to inform our dear users what changes we are adopting in our upcoming release of WP Travel Version (4.0.0).

Minimum WordPress Version Required for WP Travel version 4.0.0

The Minimum WordPress version required to update to WP Travel version 4.0.0 is 5.4.1

Why React?

There is no doubt that WP Travel works great with the previous and current versions of the existing framework. But the React framework assures better performance than those who use other frameworks, so we have decided to move to this framework.

From which version of WP travel supports version 4.0.0?

It might create confusion among users about the update to version 4.0.0. To clarify this matter we want you to know that, the migration to version 4.0.0 support from version 2.0.0 to the current one. But it is best if you make the migration from the most recent one.

Major Functionality Changes in version 4.0.0

The trip editor section of the trips will adopt the React Framework. From this version onward we will be adding the recurring date and time feature.

The data from the previous version will be migrated to the recent version. In addition, the user will get the privilege of adding recurring dates and times. Now the dates and time will appear in a separate tab.

As for the maps, from this version onward, you can display the maps from the I-frame as well. You do need to add the Google API keys for displaying the maps in the frontend.

From this version the option for enabling the single fixed departure is disabled.

Here are a few screenshots attached to understand how the backend section will appear in V4.



Frontend: Checkout

Further, the Booking tab will have different layout.

Important notice to those who have made the customization

Most importantly, if you have made any customization in the WP Travel plugin, please contact your developer before updating the plugin. Because these changes can cause some technical problems, it’s a good idea to consult with the development team before making any changes.

How to switch back to v3?

If you are not satisfied with these major changes then you can go back to version 3 at any time you like by disabling the option “Switch to V4”.

For this you need to go to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > General

Notice regarding back up old database and files

Before upgrading to version 4.0.0, we recommend all the user to keep backup of the database/site, files.

Not necessarily it will come into use but it is always best to stay on the safe side. If any issues come along the way after making the upgrade then, we will always have the backup of our previous version.

Information for the Developer

If you are a developer, then here is something for you exciting about the new WP Travel (4.0.0) version.

  • React Hooks: Since we will be adopting the trip editor section to the React framework, we will have the react hooks which will list in the developer documentation so that it will be easy to make any customization in the section.
  • API: The next very big thing about this release will be its API. We will be going into the API format.

With the WP Travel version (4.0.0), new tables will be created in the database. Here is the list of table that will be created.

  • wt_dates
  • wt_excluded_dates_times
  • wt_price_category_relation
  • wt_pricings

Note: For some cases, there might be chances that there may not be the permission to create the tables(Permission Issue) in the database. So in that case you need to contact your server and ask them to provide the permission to create the tables.

Single price Deprecation:

From version 4 of WP Travel, a single pricing option will be completely deprecated. So if you still use the single pricing option then please move to the multiple pricing options.

Test it now!

We are providing WP Travel 4.0 RC (Release Candidate) for tests and feedback.You can download our latest Release Candidate from this link.

How to upgrade to WP Travel Version V4?

After updating to the WP Travel RC Version (4) of WP Travel, your plugin setting will not immediately upgrade to the Version 4.

For this you need to go to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > General and toggle to enable V4.

However, you can always roll back to the previous version if you want to by disabling the option.

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