Are you chasing a dream to build a Website Like Airbnb in 2024? Then this blog might help you to accomplish your dream.

In this era of technology and competition, everybody wants to reach the top position in their business.

So, It will be impossible for you to create a website like Airbnb if you don’t follow the right method and strategy.

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What you can understand from a Website like Airbnb?

Airbnb is a community-based online platform that provides a homey feeling to travelers.

It builds connections between hosts and travelers. Anyone can give their property for rent on Airbnb for extra earnings.

Airbnb receives a flat 10% commission on every booking that is done on their platform. It also takes 3% of the booking amount from travelers as a transaction charge.

Creating a Website like Airbnb means building a website that stands on the business model of Airbnb.

Where you can provide a home-like feeling to your customers that a hotel room can’t provide. Besides, your customers can connect with the locals and get more real traveling experiences.

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Essential Features needed to create a Website like Airbnb

A brilliant website comes with brilliant features that not only ease the work of your customers but also encourage them to purchase your service further in the future.

If you want to create a website like Airbnb then you need to make sure that your website should contain the following features:

Share your company’s story

Features of a website like airbnb

Your company’s story will be the first focus of your customers. Any good business comes with a good story that needs to be shared.

Share your story about why you have started your business, and how you came to this position of yours. Tell your customers a true story rather than a made one.

Your story will help your customers to know about you and your business. Moreover, present your story in a simple way yet attractive that will encourage your customers to buy service from you.

Showcase Trip Packages

Features of a website like airbnb

You need to share trip packages with your customers after providing them with your story. Besides, you have to offer your customers something different from the services they get from other sites.

A good Website like Airbnb always practices these tactics to grab the attention of its customers.

Tell your customers why they should get service from you as well as what benefits they can get if they use your services.

A website like Airbnb WordPress uses lots of tactics for influencing customers. You also need to do the same thing by providing attractive tour packages to your customers.

Include online booking and reservation facilities for Trip Packages

It is found out that every year 148.3 million travel booking are done online.

Online booking for website

So, it has become essential to include online travel booking and reservation facilities. In this era of technology, no one wants to lose valuable time in doing something that can be simply done online.

You will hardly find any people who will prefer to do offline booking and reservation.

That’s why you need to include online booking and reservation facilities on your site if you want to create an Airbnb WordPress-like website.

Include an online payment facility

80% of bookings and payments are done online. People are more likely to do everything online whether buying staff or booking their vacation spot.

With this, it has become essential to include an online payment facility on your site. It will ease the work of your customers too.

You can also provide a booking facility by paying partial fees that can grab the attention of your customers.

You can do it by using the WP Travel Pro plugin. Furthermore, this will help you to create software like Airbnb.

Provide your company’s information on your site

Provide company's information

It is important to include your contact number and location with a map that will help your customers to know where they can find you if they face any problems while getting your services.

If your customers don’t find any information of yours, they can never gather the courage to purchase your services.

That’s why you have to include the company’s information along with your site which will help you to gain your customer’s trust.

Provide customer reviews along with your site

Customers reviews

A famous website like Airbnb always shares its customer reviews on its site. It will also help to know other visitors that you are giving awesome service to your customers that they are looking for.

So, you need to share your customer reviews as well. Every customer checks out the review section before making any booking.

So, Make sure that your customers are happy with your services and provide good reviews on your site.

You can create a website like Airbnb if you include these features on your site.

Steps to Build a Website Like Airbnb in 2024

The steps that you need to follow for creating a website like Airbnb will be the same whether you are running a small travel agency or a multi-billion travel agency.

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You need to follow the following six easy steps for creating a travel agency:

1. Choose the right platform for creating a website like Airbnb

Selecting the right platform for your site will be the first task that you will face while making an Airbnb-like WordPress website.

Moreover, there are many platforms that can be cheap initially but it will cost you lots of money after a few months. So, you have to be careful while choosing your platform. is a free and SEO-friendly content management system that is widely used right now.

It also provides thousands of free WordPress plugins and themes so that you can not only change the features of your site without coding but also change the appearance of your site. provides 58k+ plugins and 8k+ themes to it’s users.

Reasons for choosing over other available platforms

  • is an SEO-friendly as well as a translation-ready content management system.
  • It provides an easy installation facility and it is a 100% user-friendly CMS.
  • You will get unlimited hosting space if you use this platform.
  • Through you can create an excellent website like Airbnb with thousands of its plugins and themes.
  • As approximately 80% of bookings are done by using the mobile app or online your site has to be mobile-responsive. makes a mobile responsive website.
  • will provide full access to your data.
  • The service team of provides 100% support to its users.
  • Minimum coding knowledge is required to run this platform.

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2. Choose your Domain Name

Select the perfect domain name for your site that will indicate what type of business you are running. Besides, the right domain name will lead your business in the right way.

Be specific as well as direct when you are choosing your domain name.

While selecting a domain name keep the following things in mind:

  • Make your domain name short and easy.
  • Don’t use numbers and hyphens in your domain name.
  • Select the name so that your customers can find out what service you provide.

3. Get your Hosting Service

There are lots of hosting services out there. Like Hostinger, Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, etc. You can also choose any hosting service according to your preference.

4. Change the appearance of your site by installing a Suitable Theme

A suitable theme can change the whole appearance of your website.

You need to choose a theme that will go with your business. Now, you must be thinking about how much to build a website like Airbnb.

In addition to this, you will need no money except to buy hosting services. Here, WP Travel provides lots of different free themes for your site that will help you create a website like Airbnb.

Click the best WordPress themes for your website for more information. For creating a website like Airbnb WP Travel provides lots of free WordPress themes.

Travel Base can be a great theme for your site if you want to create a website like Airbnb. First, for installing go to your admin dashboard then Appearance>> theme.

Steps of a website like airbnb

After that, click the add new option.

Steps of a website like airbnb

Then search travel base or any other theme that you prefer in the search icon.

Steps of a website like airbnb

After that install and activate the theme that you downloaded.

Steps ofa website like airbnb

5. Install the Perfect Plugins for your site

After installing your desired theme install plugins that will go with your site and theme. You can add lots of functionality to your site without having any coding knowledge through these plugins.

I will suggest you install the recommended plugins that are shown on the top of your screen. WP Travel plugin is a travel management system that will go perfectly with your themes.

Click begin installing plugins.

After that, choose install for bulk action then apply. Then activate this plugin.

Steps of a website like airbnb

Now click your required plugins after that select activate in the bulk action then press apply.

Steps of a website like airbnb

For customization click customize your site.

Steps of a website like airbnb

Then customize the following sections according to your desire.

Add booking, coupons, enquiries, trip extras, and custom filters to your site.

Customize the following areas according to your desire then press save the setting.

Steps of a website like airbnb

After that, update the trip section of your site and include all trip information along with your site.

Steps of a website like airbnb

Finally, your website will look like this after all the customization.

Check out the documentation for more detailed information about Downloading WP Travel themes and plugins.

6. Combine booking and payment Facilities on your Site

You can combine booking and payment facilities by installing any plugin that will provide you with different payment methods like WP Travel Pro

How much you will need to create a website like Airbnb?

Can you imagine you can build an awesome site like Airbnb by investing around $800? Totally unexpected, right?

Yes, you are reading right. You can make an international site like Airbnb by paying this little amount. Want to know how this is possible?

Then, here is a cost breakdown for you:

Hosting service/ year 70 dollars
Invest in premium plugin service/ year 600 dollars
Get premium theme service/ year 60 dollars

What websites are similar to Airbnb?

There are lots of websites that are built on the business model of Airbnb. Take a look at the following websites that use exact policies like Airbnb:

How does a website like Airbnb make money?

If you want to create a website like Airbnb, you need to follow their business model as well as how they make money.

Airbnb makes money from commission and transaction charges that they take from each booking. They make money by applying the following two charges on each booking:

Commission charge: They take a flat 10% commission on each booking from the hosts.

Transaction charge: From the travelers, they also take 3% of the booking amount as a transaction charge.

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Start your own website like Airbnb

After reading all the above steps now you are ready to create your own website like Airbnb. It is not tough to create your own websites like Airbnb you just need to follow the right method and the right strategy.

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