Are you the one who’s seeking out the first-rate WordPress timeline plugin to present the company’s story? Then, read the full blog to find out the best timeline plugin for your site.

A timeline plugin is the most effective way to share your company’s story that your customers are looking at. But, for adding a timeline to your website, you need to use a timeline plugin. Now, how can you figure out the best timeline plugin for your site? This blog is all about the best WordPress timeline plugins.

Table of content:

  • What features you should look into your WordPress timeline plugin?
  • Responsive WordPress timeline plugins for your site.
    • Cool Timeline.
    • Event Timeline.
    • Timeline Express.
    • Booking Calendar Contact Form.
    • Event Calendar.
    • Timeline and History Slider.
    • Post Timeline.
    • Blog Designer.
    • Essential addons for elementor.
    • Timeline Module for Beaver Builder.

What features you should look into your WordPress timeline plugin?

WordPress timeline plugin is a plugin of WordPress that creates a timeline for a WordPress site. There are many timeline plugins available in WordPress. But, before picking one for your site, you need to look for some features. You can find out about the working capability of these plugins by demo option. The required features of these timeline plugins are:

  1. An ideal WordPress timeline plugin should be responsive to any device especially mobile. Because when you will start your site, you will find more users who visit your site through mobile than desktop users. So it is necessary to use always a mobile responsive plugin.
  2. It is important to always choose a plugin that will make your website user-friendly. As visitors always prefer user-friendly sites more than difficult and confusing sites.
  3. WordPress timeline plugin needs to constantly offer a smooth customization option. By that, you can easily change the design or function of your site. As a result, if you are a beginner or an expert you can easily make the changes.

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Responsive WordPress timeline plugins that you can choose for your site

You should never compromise with the ideal features of the plugin. As ideal features mean essential features that any WordPress plugin should have. Above we have discussed it. After keeping these features in mind I have prepared the list of best responsive WordPress timeline plugin for your site. By providing this, you compare and select the best suitable timeline plugin for your site. Here are the responsive WordPress timeline plugins that you can choose for your site:

Cool Timeline:

WordPress timeline plugin

Cool Timeline is a responsive WordPress timeline plugin that assists you to create horizontal and vertical timeline records. You can set this timeline anywhere on your website. With this Plugin, you can see your future stories, events, concerts, etc. With Gutenberg instant timeline blog builder, you can build an instant timeline. Besides, Cool Timeline also provides a compact timeline, clean layout. Here, timeline story default query customization and one-sided or both-sided vertical timeline creation possible.

You can also share your company’s plan with roadmap design. Cool Timeline will let you translate your site into four languages. You can customize the color of your site and make a mobile responsive timeline.

Event Timeline:

WordPress timeline plugin

Event Timeline is a responsive WordPress timeline template maker plugin. With this plugin, you can also create a timeline theme. You will get the facility of transferring your blog posts into blog templates by this plugin. Here, customization of theme color also possible. This plugin is compatible with any theme you will use. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE7-11, Opera, mobile browsers.

This Event Timeline plugin will convert your site into a mobile responsive site. It will further provide you an unlimited timeline, color, amount of videos, number of layers with videos adding facilities.

Timeline Express:

WordPress timeline plugin

Timeline Express is the best choice for creating an exciting animated vertical timeline. By using shortcode you can set a timeline anywhere on your site. Timeline Express will make your site responsive for any device. Besides, with this plugin, you can hide ‘dates’ or ‘read more links’ for the announcements of your timeline. This plugin is suitable for any kind of site you are operating.

You can create various timelines for your company with this plugin. Like Events, Twitter feed, personal achievement, company history, customer history, product announcement, and many more timelines.

Booking Calendar Contact Form:

WordPress timeline plugin

Booking Calendar will let you create a booking form with a reservation calendar. In the reservation calendar, customers can enter check-in and check-out dates. Customers can book service for a full day or partial day with it. This plugin makes booking activities easy and creates three automated emails with each booking. Then after booking, it will list the booking information.

You can also disable the booking calendar for transferring it in a general-purpose contact form. Booking calendar contact form is a free WordPress timeline plugin that can be translated into many languages.

Event Calendar:

WordPress timeline plugin

As the name shows Event Calendar will make a calendar for your events. This plugin will help you to connect with your database and will show your event dates. Moreover, you can set the calendar anywhere on your site with shortcodes. You can customize the dates, color of your calendar. Furthermore, you can add unlimited events to your calendar and add pictures with the events.

You can also add event title, event URL, start and end event date as well as times to the calendar. This plugin is responsive to all popular browsers too. You can also add suitable navigation arrows to your event calendar.

Timeline and History slider:

WordPress timeline plugin

This responsive WordPress timeline plugin enables you to reveal the timeline and records of your website. This plugin will show a timeline or history in horizontal order. It is a fully accessible and responsive timeline plugin for your site. After using this plugin, working on your site will be super easy.

You can also create a timeline slider menu tap with the help of this plugin. Like a post, you can add title, content, featured image with it. You can even add navigation arrows to your timeline.

Post Timeline:

WordPress timeline plugin

It creates timeline pages for your WordPress post. It will provide you various shortcodes for single, multiple timelines, and for heading posts. This WordPress timeline plugin will provide you an unlimited vertical timeline for your site. Besides, this will let you create automated animation scroll navigation based on dates in ascending order.

You can also customize the color of your timeline. Your site will be responsive for any device because of this plugin. It again supports multiple languages. here, you can also assign icons, select dates for your timeline post.

Blog Designer:

WordPress timeline plugin

Blog designer is a user-friendly plugin that helps to create responsive blog pages with different blog templates. It will offer you 10 different templates for your blog page. This plugin is beginner-friendly because, with zero blogging knowledge, you can also start blogging in the most effective way.

With a Blog designer, you can create stylish content that will draw the attention of your customers. Its pro version will provide you 50 different templates for your site. Also provides supports for different page builder and popular browsers. It will again provide social media sharing button for instant sharing. Your customers can share their liked posts in less than a few seconds.

Essential addons for elementor:

WordPress timeline plugin

This WordPress timeline plugin will let you easily build your elementor page by providing lots of elements and extensions. It will also increase the power of your page builder with 70+ elements. For making your work further easy, it will provide you 100+ templates for your WordPress site. You will get a faster building experience with these ready-made elements, extensions, and templates.

It will also provide you customized, instant loading, lightweight system. Luckily, it offers 40+ free widgets to add different features to your site in less than a minute. By using the pro version you will get more than 29+ elements for your site.

Timeline Module for Beaver Builder:

WordPress timeline plugin

This will help you to create a beautiful, mobile-responsive timeline for your site. With the drag and drop option, you can easily customize your timeline as per your desire. The working procedure of this plugin is the same as another beaver builder. Besides, available animation effects, your site will look more eye-catching to your visitors.