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The inventory option comes from the WP Travel Pro Utilities module. There are different options under inventory options.

How to Setup the Inventory Option in WP Travel? (Video Tutorial)


How to set up the inventory option for trip duration?( Video Tutorial)

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Steps to Setup the Inventory Option in WP Travel

Step 1: Enable Trip inventory

setting up the inventory option

This option is especially for tracking the number of seats being booked for a trip i.e if you book the trip then enabling this option will display the remaining seat.

Step 2: Customize Count Paid Booking for inventory with your choice

count paid booking

Enabling this option will only allow counting inventory for paid bookings whereas disabling this option will count inventory for booking only along with booking with the payment.

Note: For now, the inventory option works for max pax, not for inventory size. So, please enable the inventory option and set the number you want to provide as available seats for the booking of the trip as max pax. When all the seats provided as the available seat (through max pax) will be booked then the customer will not be able to book the trip. 

Step 3: Customize OUT of STOCK Options with your choice

out of stock

This option also allows you to display the Soldout message or inquiry option if the seat is fully booked.

Step 4: Customize Sold out message with your choice

sold out message

You can customize messages for unavailable trips.

Note: This option works for a fixed departure as well as in the case of trip duration.

Also, since you can add multiple pricing for the same trip, you can have the seat count separately for a separate pricing option.

For more details regarding inventory management, please refer to the official documentation.


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