So, are you looking forward to 10 Things to Avoid While Writing a Travel Blog (Specialist-Tips)?

Being successful as a travel writer is easier said than done.

It requires you to be knowledgeable about a wide range of interesting topics and events; to have the right kind of writing skills, and to be familiar with the general trends in travel writing.

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However, even if you’ve never written a WordPress Travel piece before, you can still learn how to do it well by avoiding common mistakes that make travel pieces boring and uninteresting.

Writing for a travel blog should be an exciting experience and it should also potentially lead to income if you are able to attract advertisers.

But if you make the rookie mistakes that have been outlined in this article you could ruin all of that hard work by losing your readers’ attention before they get to the end of your piece.

Make sure that you avoid these ten mistakes before submitting your travel writing to a WordPress travel website.

Just remember, it takes self-discipline to adhere to good writing practices, but the end result will make the writing process that much more enjoyable and your readers will appreciate your efforts.

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10 Things to Avoid While Writing a Travel Blog

1. Lack of Research

If you are writing about a destination, it is important that you do some basic research before starting to write a travel blog.

The more you know about the place, the better you can explain it to your readers. You should be able to answer questions like:

What is the history of the place? What are its attractions? How can I get there? Is it safe?

Whenever you write something, ask yourself if the topic will be of interest to your readers. What questions do most people ask about this topic?

What interesting details or statistics could you include? You will find your audience will appreciate the effort you put into your work.

These are just a few basic questions that every travel blogger should be able to answer before publishing their post.

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2. Poor organization

Planning is another important part of creating good content. You need to know what you’re going to write about, when and how you’re going to share it, and who your audience is.

If you don’t plan your blog posts, they will most likely be all over the place and lack focus.

Travel blogging requires organizational skills and attention to detail — especially when it comes to planning posts ahead of time.

If you don’t plan ahead, some of these tasks may get pushed aside until they end up being forgotten altogether

Travel articles and even whole books cannot capture all that happens on a journey. You need to be selective about the information you provide on the WordPress tour booking site.

Every experience you relate to and every piece of information you share must provide information the reader needs to know.

If something doesn’t relate to your specific purpose, it needs to be discarded. You will achieve a more exciting, dynamic, and compelling story if you ruthlessly cull down your material.

3. Don’t Provide Irrelevant Information

It is important to provide relevant information in your writing. This helps the reader understand what you are saying and also helps them make a decision on whether they want to read more.

Your blog is a reflection of you and your travel business, so make sure you’re sharing only what your readers are interested in.

An easy way to do this is by creating a content calendar. This will help you organize and prioritize posts so that you don’t get lost in unnecessary details or go off on tangents.

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4. Don’t Overuse Adjectives

The first thing to avoid is overusing adjectives. It can seem like a simple solution to make a travel piece seem more exciting by putting adjectives in to describe every detail.

But too many adjectives can make your writing seem wordy and unappealing. Instead, cut out most adjectives and use only those that convey something essential your readers need to know. 

It’s also important to avoid using the same word over and over again in a single piece of writing.

This is a common mistake made by beginning writers who haven’t yet learned how to create variety in their writing style.

It can also be distracting for readers who have already read one or two sentences with the same word used repeatedly.

5. Don’t Expect the Body or Conclusion to Carry the Article

The most important thing to remember when writing a travel blog is that the body and conclusion should not carry the article.

The body should be the place where you describe your experience, and the conclusion should be where you provide your recommendations or advice.

If you find yourself struggling with how to write a travel blog, it’s important to remember that there are two components to every story: the body and the conclusion.

This means that if you want to write an engaging story about your trip, then you need to present it in a way that makes sense for both your readers and advertisers.

6. Don’t Ramble Without Direction

When writing about your adventures, don’t ramble from one topic to another without purpose or direction.

Instead, take control of your story by organizing it into a logical pattern that builds interest in what happens next.

Give the reader sufficient information about each event so that he or she knows why it matters and what it means for the story as a whole.

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7. Don’t be Boring

If you’re going to write about your travels, make sure that it has an exciting element to it! If you want to share details about the time-consuming process of buying train tickets online, then at least find a quirky way of doing so!

Keep things interesting by adding photos or videos that show off your travel style or sense of humor (or both!).

8. Incorrect Punctuation and Spelling

When writing about a place or activity, make sure you have good grammar and spelling.

It’s important for all blogs, but especially for travel blogs, where mistakes can give off a careless vibe and make it hard for readers to take you seriously.

Don’t rely on auto-correct! Check over everything carefully before publishing it so there aren’t any embarrassing mistakes.

9. Don’t Just List the Facts

The key to writing an article is to not just list facts and call it an article. The best articles are about the people and the places that you want to talk about.

If you are writing about a place, think about what makes it special and interesting. If it is a big city, think about what makes it special in comparison to other cities.

If it is a small town, think about what makes it different from all the other small towns in your state or country.

If you have visited many places, try to describe the experience in detail.

What made this place stand out? What did you like most? What would you recommend to others visiting this place? Were there any other things that stood out?

When you write a travel article, it is important to be truthful and objective. You must make sure that what you are writing is not just a list of facts about places and call it an article.

You should be careful about how you present the information in your article because this will help people decide whether they want to go there or not.

You can also include funny stories about your trip, which will make your article more interesting.

10. Make Sure that Everything is Original

You want readers to view your blog post as an original work, so make sure that all the information is original and not taken from any other sources or websites out there on the internet (even if it seems like it).

If you find yourself copying and pasting from other blogs, do some research into where else you can get the same information from or just makeup something new instead of using someone else’s work as a base for yours.

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To be a good travel writer, you not only need to be knowledgeable about travel but also know how to write in a way that will keep your readers’ attention.

By taking these precautions and avoiding the common mistakes outlined above, you can ensure that your travel writing has a better chance at success.

These days, more than ever before, there are many people writing for the internet about their travels and a significant number of them will have made the mistakes listed above.

If you follow these steps and avoid these mistakes, you will be able to rise above the competition and establish yourself as someone who really knows their stuff when it comes to travel writing.

Writing for a travel blog is relatively easy to start out with if you are passionate about travel and have some background knowledge of the places that you write about.

However, it does require time and effort. If you manage to avoid the ten mistakes listed above then you will be well on your way to become a successful travel blogger!

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