When creating a website, one question will pop up in your mind and that is: should you go for a CMS aka content management system, or not?

For example, if you want to create a stunning travel website, then you might be wondering to choose which best CMS, tour operator plugin are feasible for your travel site and what not,

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If you are new to the word of CMS then we are here to answer all your questions in this blog.

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What do you understand by a content management system?

Content management system a beginner guide by wptravel.io

A content management system or CMS is a software tool that can manage your web contacts easily.

It uses a database or other methods to manage your HTML web content. You can simply build your website using a content management system with zero knowledge of coding.

Besides that, it’s super easy to add lots of functionality with plugins, modules, or extensions of CMS. You can change the boring outlook of your site by using plugins.

Do you know what is the best part of using a CMS?

CMS is open-source software which means you can use it for free!

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How does a CMS work?

The website is made of a database. It provides its user content managing facility without changing your server or field. Maximum content management systems are used by companies.

Steps you need to follow before choosing a CMS

Step 1: Finding your requirement

Before choosing any CMS, you need to find out what site you want to make. Forum or user registration? You need to find your requirements for your site.

Step 2: Research to find a suitable CMS

You can’t find any information about a CMS until you do research on it. There are many websites out there that can answer all your questions regarding this topic.

For your ease, we have done small but effective research so that you can find the suitable one for your needs.

Step 3: Extension checking

Most of the CMSs out there provide extensions, plugins, or modules that extend their capabilities.

So, you need to thoroughly go through those things to find out whether they will be compatible with your site or not.

Step 4: Check out the themes it provides

An attractive website can bring new users to your site. The theme changes the outlook of your site completely.

That’s why you need to find out whether the content management system you are selecting supports such themes to give a beautiful look to your website.

You can always use the free attractive themes before going with a paid one.

Step 5: Select the most appropriate one

Now that you know about the deciding factors of a CMS, you can pick the most suitable one for your website.

As mentioned earlier, here is a list of CMS software that might help you with your website needs.

Some content management system examples

There are lots of CMSs using which you can make a perfect site of yours. Pick the most suitable one for your requirements:


Content management system wordpress by wptravel.io

WordPress is the largest CMS that provides lots of features, plugins, and themes.

It is the most used website till now. 39% of the website on the web is run by WordPress. One out of three websites on the web is made and functioned with WordPress.

Learn more about WordPress

It upgrades continuously. At the time of writing this article, it is now using version 5.6. With the continuous update of WordPress new features are also added.

WordPress provides lots of facilities It is mobile responsive, easy to customize, easy to optimize, open-source content management system.

It also provides lots of free plugins and themes that will go perfectly for your site.

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Fun Fact:

Do you know – you can create any kind of website using WordPress?

If you are looking into an e-commerce site, you can easily create one using WooCommerce.

On the other hand, if you trying to build a travel tourism business website, you can do it with WP Travel.

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joomla content management systemby wptravel.io

Joomla is a popular content management system that has nearly 2 million users. 9% of well-known websites are run by Joomla.

6% of market websites use it for marketing. It provides customization, language translation, and security facilities.

It provides designs, content editing, and publishing, core functionality facilities, and many more.


drupal content management system by wptravel.io

Drupal is the third-largest content management system. It protects its users. It can work perfectly under pressure. You can translate your site into 100 languages.

Drupal provides wider access to its users.

Using a content management system for your site is a good choice or not?

A content management system is the best way to develop a site because it will ease all the work of your site. You don’t need to bother about coding as before.

You can also create your own website with zero knowledge of coding. With a few clicks on your site, you can add any type of functionality that will help you manage your web content.

Get started with CMS

Now, you have a fundamental idea about CMS. Don’t forget to do research before choosing a content management system that can save you time and energy

so that you don’t waste any effort by choosing the wrong one.

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However, if you look into the examples of CMS software above, you will find out that WordPress has the largest user base covering more than one-third of the world’s websites.

Besides that, it has a very strong and helpful community. So, the decision is yours!

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