Are you not getting enough bookings from your travel website according to the visits you get?

If yes then you should definitely recheck your site and make changes according to the tips that I am giving in this content to increase your travel website booking It has found that the perfect conversion rate for a travel site is 10%.

If your site’s conversion rate is far below this then this article can help you to raise your conversion rate higher.

The conversion rate of a travel booking site is always low because of booking complexity, providing lots of information, difficult checkout process.

But some times site’s conversion rate is far below the standard conversion rate.

For example, 98% of the visitors leave your site without making any booking.

Then, this is not normal. There is something wrong with your site that prevents your visitors to make a booking.

Here I will provide five tips that will convert your visitors into your customers.

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Tips to increase the conversion rate of your travel website

How many visitors visit your site and how many of them make a purchase?

Are you getting sales from 10% of the visitors who visit your site?

If no, then you should definitely recheck your site and think about what you have skipped. That means you need some tips.

By working on that tips you can ensure more chances to increase the conversion rate of your site. Besides, travel sites like, Expedia use every way to increase their conversion rate.

So, it is better not to leave any point to increase the conversion rate of your site.

Here are the 5 most important tips to increase your travel website booking:

1. Make yourself different from others

tips to increase travel website booking

Do you have any special offers or something on your site which will prevent your customers to make a purchase from another site?

If no, then don’t give it a second thought and Immediately make a change to your site that will make your site unique.

Because there are thousands of travel websites or even more that work hard to get customers. So, you need to beat them to get customers. For that, you can’t be the same.

You need to offer something different from other sites.

Now, the main question is how you can make yourself different?

It can be special offers, additional facilities like transportation facility, mentioning no hidden cost on the site, or even refunding for canceling the booking within the mentioned time period.

It can be anything. Adopt anything that you can include on your site for making it special as long as it doesn’t hurt your business.

This will not only bring the customers from other sites but also it will help you to hold your previous customer who made the purchase.

2. Review! Review! Review!

tips to increase travel website booking

Whatever you do will not work as great as including a genuine review to your site.

Review is this important for getting customers.

It has been found that about 91% of customers want to see reviews before purchasing and 31% of customers happily want to spend their money to get the service after seeing positive reviews.

Moreover, 94% of customers agreed that they don’t want to get service after seeing a negative review.

The review has a huge impact on the customers.

Now, if you are thinking about getting a fake positive review then don’t do that. You will never get your desired result through a fake one.

Besides, you don’t even have to do it. Because when you provide your customers an excellent service they will automatically provide you a positive review.

In fact, they can work as a word of mouth for your business.

You can do one thing definitely for getting a positive review. You can ask your customers to provide positive reviews if they like your service.

This is all you can do for a positive review. Do have a special review section on your site from there your customers can easily see reviews after visiting your site.

This tip will work like a jackpot to increase your travel website booking.

3. Make your site easy and attractive to your customers

tips to increase travel website booking

Today, more than half of customers leave a site because they don’t understand the site’s function.

That is why you should never make your site’s activity that hard for your customers that they leave. Always try to provide an easy booking facility to your customers.

Rather than making it hard with throwing dozens of unnecessary questions, you should make it attractive.

Because it has found that a customer never books a trip if he/ she doesn’t like that site. In fact, this will add authentication to your site. Your site will seem more authentic.

Doing fraud business online is not a new thing. Your customers mainly judge you through your site.

That’s why include everything that will make your site beautiful and authentic.

4. Don’t create confusion for your customers

remove confusion tips to increase travel website booking

What if you put some questions that your customers need to answer during making booking and they don’t get that question.

You know the result right? They can not make booking through your site. Or else they will leave and get their service from other sites.

Now, you may be thinking what type of questions can make these type of confusion? I am giving you the example.

Suppose you want to know the age of the persons who will get your service. You include different categories like – kid, elder, adult.

What if someone who will have your service is a 16 years old girl. Here, the person who will make the booking will get confused.

Now, he/ she can either fill it with wrong information or leave your site without making a booking.

How much loss you will face for keeping a confusing question on your site do you understand?

Because of it, you need to remove right instant all the questions that provide chances to get confused.

5. Do optimize your site for mobile

Mobile friendly

Do you think a person will seat before a laptop or desktop for booking when they have a smartphone on hand?

Obviously, they will search on your smartphone and see the plan and make a booking.

It has found through research that more than 20% of US travelers book their trips through smartphones.

Now, Priority is yours. Do you want to avoid this 20% and work for the remaining 80% of travelers? If yes, then I will must say your sell will decrease in no time.

But if no, then make sure your site runs perfectly on a mobile phone.

Today, Every site needs to be optimized for mobile phones. Because people use google on mobile more than on laptop or desktop.

Best travel and tourism websites make sure that their site looks and works perfectly on a mobile phone. Because they know the value of it.

That is why the average conversion rate of these travel websites is more than yours.

These five tips will increase your travel agency website booking.

What is the name of the largest travel site that holds maximum marketplace? from the United States holds the maximum marketplace. It is not the only site that is doing well in the traveling business.

There are other sites too that hold a huge marketplace. Though not as much as but that can’t be ignored as well.

Name of some travel sites that hold maximum marketplace are given below:

market share of the top travel booking sites

How much time do customers spend on research before making a booking?

You can hardly find one traveler who makes a booking by seeing one site.

It has found that travelers visit approximately 290 sites before making a trip booking for their holiday.

How much time do you think they need to research about 290 travel sites. Of course, they can’t do it within one day.

Basically, TripAdvisor has found that a traveler spends around one-month researching different travel sites and their trip packages.

Everybody wants a worry-free vacation where they can relax. For ensuring it, they research all the sites that can provide them that.

And then, after researching for one whole month they make booking their most convincing and desired trip package.